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About Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers

The Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers (SIVMAS) group is proudly a volunteer organisation.

The special interest vehicle (SIV) business sector provides automotive services, parts and expertise to SIV owners.  

The sector is estimated to make a $5.5Bn contribution to the New Zealand economy annually and employ 15,000 people.

The SIVMAS sector is specialised and unique. It demonstrates the strength, diversity, quality and depth of the SIV restoration, construction, component manufacturing and supply industry and its value to the NZ economy. 

SIVANZ monitors proposals or initiatives that may affect the SIV industry sector involved in the manufacture or assembly of SIV’s and components.

It lobbies government and agencies to ensure that the voices of SIVMAS businesses are heard and that the transition to a low emission environment is fair and just for SIVMAS businesses.

The Climate Change Commission has labelled SIVANZ a “significant stakeholder” in the climate change discussion.

A healthy and vibrant industry sector ensures that SIV’s remain on the road. As change impacts SIV owners, the flow on effect will be felt by the industry sector. SIV owners and business need each other to thrive.

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