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About the Special Interest Vehicle Association of  NZ

The Special Interest Vehicle Association of New Zealand (SIVANZ) is a volunteer organisation dedicated to keeping special interest vehicles (SIV’s) on the road. 

It is estimated that the value of special interest vehicles in private ownership is in excess of $3.5Bn.

SIVANZ monitors proposals in the climate change discussion to identify regulatory or compliance changes that have the potential to affect SIV use. 

It also monitors proposals or initiatives that may affect the SIV industry sector involved in the manufacture or assembly of SIV’s and components.

It lobbies government and agencies to ensure that the voices of SIV owners and businesses are heard and that the transition to a low emission environment is fair and just for SIV fraternity.

The Climate Change Commission has labelled SIVANZ a “significant stakeholder” in the climate change discussion.

Membership is on an individual basis and open to all people with special interest vehicles at their core.

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